Gods of Cadenta

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I initially wrote this for Mockery on the Onyx Path Forums but am reposting it here for posterity.

Drumnou is the god of the frontier community of Cadenta; decades ago, a Guild merchant-prince brought his caravan through Cadenta to resupply, and since then, its fortunes have slowly but steadily increased, and with it, the power and importance of Drumnou. As repeated stopovers from the Guild grew Cadenta from a bundle of banished families to a trade hub, Drumnou began to flex his muscles; one by one, the other local gods fell under his banner, the road-god, the field-gods, and the spirits of the air. Drumnou tells them which miracles they will work for his worshippers, or which interlopers they will slay, and in exchange they are granted scraps of prayer from his table. No other gods are worshipped in Cadenta, for the mortals know all blessings are the doing of Drumnou.

The only mortal permitted to see Drumnou is his high priest; even his God-Blooded daughter has never seen her father. To the priest, he appears as a beautiful long-limbed man, well-muscled, with wine-red skin and a face of white fire. If combat is necessary, he creates a flashing axe that leaves grievous wounds that refuse to heal.

Starlit Heron is the goddess of the vast swamp that lies to the south and southeast of Cadenta, but to the people of the frontier, she is the Swamp Devil, who dances before her night-fires and sends men dooms. Only two years prior, she rebelled against the dictates of Drumnou, and for it, she was named a demon; the spirit who brings Drumnou her head has been promised a great reward indeed. Luckily Drumnou and his ilk do not venture into her swamp, as her will-o-wisps can lead even gods to their dooms in the marsh; Starlit Heron has secured the aid of a pair of giant greenmaws that quickly dispose of unwanted travelers.

Starlit Heron laments the extremes to which she must go to protect herself; if she could gain access to the sunken manse that lies in her mire, she might gain the power to strike at Drumnou directly and end the conflict with no further bloodshed. If pressed further, however, she has a far more destructive option - in years long past, Starlit Heron used her wisps to trap a Fair Folk noble that had ventured into Creation, burying him in the most inhospitable depths of the marsh. The raksha prince lives still today, hating his gaol and his gaoler, willing to promise nearly anything to the one who freed him.

When she deigns to appear to mortals at all, Starlit Heron typically appears as one of her will-o-wisps, but if the situation calls for it, may appear as a human woman in gray feathers; her silver fan and hook sword provide more than just an avenue for her Crane Style, they can put out fires and perform the Gray Web Snare respectively.

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