Theshockmaster's guide to worldbuilding in Exalted (in 30 questions or less)

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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned in the "Articles Wanted" topic that I was working on a guide for worldbuilding and designing a setting for your games to take place in. Well, I finally did it! ... sp=sharing

It ended up being pretty big (like, longer than my undergraduate dissertations big) but it's broken down into 20 topics you can pick and choose to explore if you're only looking for inspiration on one or two things and you've already thought about the rest, and while I've used some Exalted examples in them there's another 10 topics at the end just about Creation-specific things. This is wildly more depth than you need for a town your players are just passing through for a session or two but if your game is going to be set in one or two places this should hopefully help make them immersive. Hope it helps!

Please feel free to add more Exalted-specific questions in the comments below and talk about how some of these would work in specific parts of Creation (I'm not an expert on Exalted by any means, so please don't hold my feet to the fire too much!) or in your own campaigns.

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