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Throwing up an announcement post so that this gets to remain prominent as a little bump or reminder for posters.

I know a lot of forums frown on going back and resurrecting older threads and conversations but want it to be clear that this is intended to be a feature of the board. With so much of communities moving to Discord etc. (not that there's anything wrong with this) now where something is buried and gone once it slips far enough back part of the idea here is to have submissions and conversations be visible and accessible for a longer period of time, split across multiple boards and with tags so there's a greater ease of discovery. This is especially true for fanworks that people have taken time over!

In short, if there's a conversation or piece of work thats out there and hasn't had any comments for a little while but that you appreciate or have something to add, please please feel free to resurrect the hell out of it and bump it
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