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[Applications Closed] Play by Post 3E Game

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Momir Vig
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Sad to learn that I didn't make the cut, but I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles. I hope the six of you have a wonderful game <3
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Everyone have fun, and thank you for giving us a chance!
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Plutonium wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 3:05 am Because the vast majority of players wanted to use discord, I have made a discord server and am in the process of inviting the chosen players to it.  Once the game begins, will be periodically posting the narrative of the game in a new thread, along with a link to the discord server so that anybody who wants to observe can follow along.

You better! I'm going to be disappointed if I don't get updates from this now. I hope things go well

This thread proves that there's clearly a huge amount of interest in people having games so hopefully we get other people keen to run to give those left out a chance too
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Gutted I didn't get in, but if it's using Discord then that may be for the best. Forums give longevity and the ability to take my time over formating and editing.

I got a great new Lunar character out of it though, so it's good. Hopefully someone else will offer to run a game and I can just move them to that one!

I would still appreciate feedback on the character; if anyone wants to give me some please PM me.
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Plutonium has given me some feedback, which was insightful. I know the game players have been chosen, but I don't like things being left unfinished. My character's story needed more motivation to be a good Exalt and go on a mission, rather than just stay as a tag-along-protector (which isn't what I intended, but is how it read on paper), so I've ramped up the reasons and motivations and added in a Lunar-pledge to the story.

I've also looked at the Intimacies on my character sheet and "given them some oomph". https://www.lotcastingatemi.com/characters/14509
Bifford wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 9:59 pm
Po Nuang Shia grew up in the Szonia tribe, south and east of the Eastern Realm of Prasad. Son of a merchant mother and seamster father, Shia would run errands for either parent; he grew lithe and agile. Many occasions arose when deep dry river-beds needed crossing, or even when that same bed became swollen with flash-flood-waters from the rare but violent storms.

Known by many as Swift Leopard, for his fast pace and grace, Shia soon became a messenger for his clan.

One summer evening, as the day was coming to an end and  the clan were settling into a camp behind a protective dune, Shia, Nazaria, Rhi'te'k and Poe, friends all, were out searching for resources. They had found a dead beast, too large to move, and were stripping it of hide and other items his father could turn into garments, his mother could sell, and others of the clan could utilize for meals and their own specialty crafts.

Dust plumed into the sky from afar, which on inspection looked to be Dragons leading a talon, bored and hunting for game. Their tribe usually managed to avoid such as these, as their people had targets on their backs purely for who they were and what they represent and could become. A thorn in the side, to be pulled out and ground to dust under heel.

The small group of friends, watching the Dragons and trying to work out their direction of travel, were caught unaware by the outliers of the same. An uneven fight ensued. Nazaria entreated Shia to run; warn the tribe! She always spoke wisely, and he always listened to her, even when he hated doing so. He did not want to leave her and other friends behind, but he understood that his sole task was to get the warning to the tribe, to get them ready for what was about to befall them. Making for their camp, which was some distance away, across land strewn with large boulders and stretches of dry, spikey briar and cacti, Shia came to realise that the dust cloud was headed straight for his tribe but would keep the advancing army hidden behind that same protective ridge.

Shia ran harder.

Leopard ran faster.

He jumped, dodged and ran across the terrain, and as he ran he felt infused with power, the rising moon at his back and her cold power lancing through his muscles. The world around him slowed and he saw how to use the boulders to his advantage; to gain height and a vantage point to view the enemy and his tribe; to jump from one place to the next, cutting the distance from a round-about route to a direct line as the falcon flies, saving both time and energy.

In that moment of slowed time, mid jump, Lunar spoke to him, in a voice like quicksilver - cool, silken, but with a force and power that one dare not disobey! She bade him to look after all those who were weaker than he, as well as those who thought they were stronger but needed guidance, and there were a lot of such people in Creation. She told him that he could, and would, do this not through force and domination but through guidance, protection and guile. Lunar's great wisdom shone on him as a bright full moon, enfusing him with the understanding that life was a circle and his had come a full 360 degrees from some past incarnation where he had been a great protector of the peoples and would be again. Then the moment passed and the Lady of the Moon withdrew.

Renewed, Shia sped on and in a blur of movement he sped into camp, crying out warnings as he went, "To arms! Move the young and old out - ready for battle!"
All heard his voice but none saw more than a blur of passing force, until he stopped in the circle of elders. "Dragons over the crest! Minutes away!" 
No sooner had the warriers of the tribe readied themselves than a tide of Dragons washed over the dune and battle was joined.

Many on both sides died that day, but the Szonia tribe did not relent and die, like many would have done in their place, and the Dragons fell back. Lunar had seen fit to bless Shia and he would do his best to see her gift well-used.

That evening Shia went back to where he had left his friends. The dead beast he found; evidence of the struggle too, but the bodies of his friends he did not discover. Had they taken Nazaria and the others off somewhere else to be tried and killed or had they been murdered right there but their bodies taken away for some purpose? Despite following the tracks left behind Shia was unable to discern their fate and after weeks of hunting he gave up and returned to his tribe. A sadness for his friends settled on his heart, as well as a hatred for the Dragons and their ways, which were as alien to him as a mayfly with it's short bright existance. He renewed his vow to Lunar to be a protector of the weak, which he came to realise he could not do while staying with his tribe. Their need of him was not great enough, they had enough protectors already. So Shia set out to travel the lands, protecting those who needed it and helping to undermine the Dragons' and their power whenever possible.

Time passed, the lands were traversed, and a mysterious papyrus came into possession. He read it, and the many that flowed his ways in the weeks that followed. No one thing in the letters triggered the decision, but his mind was eventually made up when, on a full moon evening, he thought he caught sight of her countenance in the moonshine. He set forth as the letter commanded.

Xùn jiébào
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