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Looking for actual plays and media to share on this forum has turned me on to just how much cool stuff is being put out by groups and given me an oppertunity to listen. I'm trying to work my way through all the different ones that are out there but am really enjoying Exaltwitch Academy right now after several episodes.

I think their session 0 in particular is a really exemplary way of handling a lot of stuff they covered and is a great on ramp for their campaign.

Jon comes across as a really awesome and knowledgable ST who makes what's going on nicely accessible to the audience (although I'm not able to speak as someone who's unfamiliar with the game) and I really love the dynamic the player characters settle in to with each other really quickly. Gale Whispered reminds me a little of one of my own PCs and manages to be someone I really want to give a hug to, no matter how much she'd probably hate this.
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I love their stuff. The fact they are all trained actors definitely doesn't hurt, as well.

Also, if anyone's interested in discussions about RPGs and how to run them in general, Jon's RPG clinic streams are great as well. He spends several hour on stream talking about a topic related to running or playing RPGs and I've found it very insightful.
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