Neon Attack on Autochthonian Rim (orphaned campaign seed up for adoption)

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The first Autochthonian nation to succeed at Project Razor suffers the misfortune to open a portal into the depths of one of Creation's oceans. The portal is closed as quickly as possible to prevent any more flooding and drowning.

It's ultimately decided that adapting to this challenge would be more efficient than starting the project over from the beginning in the hopes of a different outcome. The portal-opening municipal Charm is moved and surrounded by an additional municipal Charm for containing the water, as well as channeling some of it into the Great Maker's systems.

But the other side of the portal is discovered by a coven of warmongering Lunar Exalted, who have been using sorcery to create terrible amphibious behemoths for raiding and assaulting the Scarlet Dynasty's coastal assets. Using their sorcery and artifice, they seize control the portal and force it to remain open, and launch an attack.

The hydraulic containment Charm and portal Charm are destroyed. The Metropolis is flooded, her citizens drowned to death, her Charms damaged, her infrastructure unmanned, and her very core captured and studied by horrible witches from another world. Unchecked, the behemoths and their Lunar masters emerge from the flooded chambers to attack the other cities of the Autochthonian nation.

Every Champion and Colossus is refitted for war against this aquatic nightmare. The innards and fluids of the machine god quiver with the thunderous battle of metal giants against fleshy behemoths.

One day, the Autochthonians succeed in killing one of the Lunar Exalted themselves, and Luna turns her eye upon them. She Chooses one of them to become her child's next incarnation. This new Lunar Exalt is so impacted by the image of the giant monsters attacking his home that his Spirit Shape is one of them. He transforms and single-handedly kills and devours one of the invading monsters in full view of his own people's warriors.

Now his nation struggles to decide what to do him.


I envision the tone of this campaign as primarily Pacific Rim. Each side is doing its earnest best to win.

The "designed to fail" systems of Attack On TitanNeon Genesis Evangelion, and Nier: Automata have absolutely no place in Autochthonia; even the Sidereal Exalted back in Creation didn't design the Immaculate Order to fail. The powers that be in Autochthonia really do want the invaders repelled and defeated, and the powers attacking them really do want to conquer them. Different factions have different ideas about the best ways to do that, or about how important it is or how much it will cost, but there's no conspiracy on either side tricking their nominal allies into self-defeating patterns to create an ever-lasting war.

That trope seems to come up a lot in Japanese stories. A reaction against their government?

Still, while the primary inspiration is Pacific Rim, I wanted to cast a wide net for superficially similar franchises, to give storytellers and players a buffet of choices.

There absolutely should be the option to play a Solar Autochthonian defending his city and world from invaders, whether with Three-Dimension High-Velocity Gear or a warstrider specially granted to him by one of Autochthonia's Divine Ministers.

But warstriders are probably rarer in Autochthonia, where Colossi serve the role much better and with a lot more flexibility in function, than even in Creation where Exalted do not become Colossi and so must build warstriders to fight on such a level.

Some storytellers might be willing to let their players be elder-level Alchemical Exalted with the bodies of giants and the ability to extrude human-sized remote bodies for casual interactions.

Other storytellers might be more comfortable having non-player-character Colossi function as particularly willful warstriders for players with Champion-level Exalted. These Colossi wanted more power in battle, and so chose members of their younger brethren to serve as their headmasters or powermasters.

Some players might want to fight the Titans/Kaiju as man-sized Champions equipped with high-mobility Charms and/or artifacts.

The possibility of an Autochthonian Lunar lets a player get to play as one of the more heroic versions of Godzilla (though Gamera might be more apt), or Eren Jaeger and his titan form, or Age and Bellcross, or a particularly different variation on Shinji Ikari and Eva-01.

Someone who wants to play an Adamant Caste or other Alchemical spy could have a story about thwarting the subtler invasion attempts of a face-stealing skinwalker who infiltrates the Autochthonian nation to steal its secrets and wound it from within.

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