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We've had a few reports of spambots that aren't just posting threads which the mod team can sweep up, but that are now PM-ing users too. First up thanks to everyone who's reported them so far and sorry if this has affected you. I've been away this weekend but will be looking into it once I'm back in a place where I can do so and the reports do help.

We've been playing spambot whack-a-mole since the site launched and it's ended up being a bit of a fine balance as the captchas/filters I've tried have a habit of also preventing legit users from creating accounts if I dial up the sensitivity so high as to guarentee no bots. This obviously isn't an acceptable solution. But then neither is bots PMing people so this is clearly something that needs addressing, it might be we need to put stricter limits on who can send PMs if there's no better answer in the short term. If anyone has any suggestions please don't hesitate to make them.

And if you are getting these PMs, like I said, reporting is helpful

Thanks as ever for supporting us and putting up with stuff like that, you shouldn't have to so we'll do our best
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