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Mirrorweft (Starmetal Silken Armor ****) Themed around redirecting an enemy's momentum, both physical and social
Test of Hope (Starmetal Hook Daiklaves ***) Themed around hope and despair, using mobility penalty as a mechanic
By Other Means (Starmetal Wrackstaff ***) Themed around violence as an extension of diplomacy
Stormcutter (Blue Jade Reaper Daiklave ****) Themed around cutting anything, with a mechanic for delayed attacks
Attercap's Web (Starmetal Powerbow ***) Themed around tagging enemies with "strings"
Banshee's Song (Starmetal Flute ***) Themed around music that prophecies death
Sanguine Library (Moonsilver War Fan ****) Themed around stealing knowledge from blood
Intoxication (Green Jade Silken Armor ****) Themed around disrupting target's defenses, both physical and social, with drugs/alcohol/poison
Sail and Anchor (White and Blue Jade Hook Daiklaves ***) Themed around motion and stillness, most evocations have two modes
Refiner's Furnace (Red Jade Articulated Plate ***, White Elephant for Ekorren) Themed around flame as testing resolve
Shroud of Peaceful Rest (Starmetal Silken Armor ****) Themed around protecting yourself by accepting loss/encouraging your enemies to be peaceful
Curious Cat's Key (Starmetal Utility **) and Blood-Scented Maze (Soulsteel Utility ***)
Boreal Glide (Blue Jade Utility ***)
Versatile Quiver (Starmetal Utility ***)
Telluric Strings (Orichalcum Utility *****)
Lover's Vow (Starmetal Utility ***) and Frozen Eye (Blue Jade Utility **)
Two-Faced Banner (Starmetal Utility ***)
Amor Belli (Starmetal Thunderbolt Shield ***) Themed around being really really excited to be in a fight
Primeval Mantle (Moonsilver Silken Armor ****) Themed around promoting base emotions
Payment Rendered (Any Material Utility **)
Quill of Postponement (Starmetal Utility ***)
Prism Lance (Adamant Direlance ***) - Themed around conjuring illusionary duplicates
Martial Arts
Cutting the Knot Style [Kama, Seven-Section Staff, Scythe, Unarmed] - Lore, Mathematics, Topology
Rat Style [Knife, Staff, Unarmed] - Being at low initiative
Unfurling Banner Style [Staff, Spear, Unarmed] - Intimidating enemies, Inspiring allies
Raiton Style [Knife, War Fan, Unarmed] - Mobility, Being an omen of death
Antlion Style [Axe, Hammer, Shield, Unarmed] - Craft, Cover
Dark Rivers Style [Staff, Fighting Chain, Unarmed] - Forgetting
Magpie Style [Hook Sword, War Fan, Unarmed] - Theft
Wolf Style [Axes, Unarmed] - Lodge axes in surfaces, then attack with them
Bloodthirsty Hummingbird Style [Rapier, War Fan, Unarmed] - Exploit Wound Penalties, Rapid Movement
Falling Heavens Style [Hammers, Two-Handed Swords, Axes, Hammers, Scythes, Unarmed] - Readying a massive attack, Smashing Stuff
Revolving Hurricane Style [Hook Sword, Whip, Fighting Chain, Unarmed] - Using an enemy's force, Moving enemies
World-Bearing Colossus Style [Cestus, Unarmed] - Fighting in a warstrider
Owl Style Part 2 [Spear, Unarmed] - Patience, Holding still until unleashing a finishing blow
Wise Fool Style [Crossbows] - Making use of failure
Bull Style [Hammer, Sledge, Tetsubo, Unarmed] - Feats of Strength, Charging, Throwing Enemies
Fluttering Peacock Style [Rapier, Dagger, Cloak (Special)] - Fence while using a cloak in your off hand to block attacks and entangle enemies
Five Humor Styles - Eventually 5 martial arts based on the 5 Liminal Aspects. Currently Flowing Blood [Unarmed, Whips, Fighting Chains] focused on gradually building energy, Hidden Marrow [Unarmed, Rapiers] focused on secrets, hiding and fear, and Rent Flesh Style [Unarmed, Kamas, Hook Swords, Axes, Great Axes] focused on counterattacks and rage at being attacked
Leaden Heart of Loneliness Style [Unarmed, Cestuses, Boots, Improvised] - SMA, themed around Isidoros, Solipsism, Determination, and what happen when an Unstoppable Force collides with an Immovable Object
Quick Characters
Devil Stars (White Elephant for Black Quartz Sphinx) - Increasingly inaccurate to recent information on devil stars, but still a cool beast - a corrupt, giant, star and fate devouring pattern spider
Veneru, God of the Hunt (White Elephant for Kalzky)
Kleinflasche - Wyld Behemoth themed around hourglasses and Klein bottles
Night Riders - Mercenary company of war ghosts
Arnyek, the Shadow of the Prince - Second Circle Demon political advisor
Hasadeki, the Hollow Men - First Circle Demon
Sorcerous Initiation
Vision of Alkaphore - Theft focused
Forge-Wrought Soul - Craft and self-perfection focused
Study of Spreadsheets - Paperwork and Law focused
Seven Metal Binding - Trap an enemy in metal chains
Plague Devouring Heart - Empower yourself by contracting disease
Perfecting of Substance - Transmute Materials

Sculptor of Cenotaphs (White Jade Daiklaves ***) Themed around turning enemies into statues
Umbral Aegis (Soulsteel Thunderbolt Shield ****) Themed around shadows and defend other
Bounteous Harvest (Green Jade Crescent Daiklaves ****) and Mournful Culling (Soulsteel Grimscythe ****) - Themed around one ally growing a crop, then another harvesting it
Mask of Nightmares (Moonsilver Psuedo-Weapon Mask *****) - Allows you to scare people to death by scaring them from concealment
Martial Arts
Silver Voiced Nightingale Conversion
Violet Bier of Sorrows Conversion -  All decisive, all the time, with cool add-ons
Swaying Grass Conversion
Black Claw Conversion
Coiling Mist Style (Conversion of Home-brew)
Spider Style - Sniper patiently waiting for an enemy to fall into their trap
Frenzied Shark Style - Take advantage of wounded enemies
Raiton Style - Mobility, being an omen of doom
Field of Ashes Style - SMA, Fire as creative destruction
Amber Tide of Dissolution Style - SMA, alcohol as stripping away your persona and revealing a true self
Riding the Currents Style - Sorcery combined with swordplay
Falling Heavens Style - Readying a massive attack, Smashing Stuff
Quick Characters
Devil Stars (White Elephant for Black Quartz Sphinx)
Malke, Northern God of Ships
Freezing Cloud
Division of Heart and Mind
Eye of the Black Boar
Borrowing the Spear
Hearthstones, Manses and Demesnes
Heart of the Willow

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