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You know how certain fantasy or sci-fi stories go absolutely mind-screw crazy with making clones and alternate versions of certain characters? Especially when the author actually does mean to play with the concept of self-hood and identity?

It should be possible to clone a Solar Exalt with a sorcerous working. The clone won't have the Solar's Exaltation, but they could have all of the same memories and virtues and Intimacies and skills.

That's not enough to earn their own Solar Exaltation... but they could receive one. Or they could receive an Abyssal Exaltation, or a Lunar Exaltation. Or maybe the original were born to a Dragon-Blooded lineage, so the clone succeeds at Terrestrial Exaltation where the original failed.

Or they could have been born a clone as part of Heaven's plan for destiny, and be Chosen as a Sidereal. Or Heaven could snuff out their destiny before their birth ever started, and then one day there's a Getimian Exalt running around claiming to be your clone!

Or the clone could be considered a failure, and instilled with horrible shame and treated horribly, only to receive an Infernal Exaltation.

Or the clone could not be erased from the future, and yet simply... not work. The process was flawed, so the body would be still-born. Except the Dark Mother breathes into it and births a Liminal Exalt.

Attempting to clone a Dragon-Blood is the only case where you might actually have decent odds of the clone getting the same Exaltation as the genetic donor. Since the clone is basically your twin.

Of course, a clone who fails to receive a Terrestrial Exaltation could end up with any of the others. It certainly sets up the "failed clone becomes an Infernal" plot.

Kingdom Hearts.

Xehanort cloned Ventus, making Vanitas.

Somewhere else, Sora is born, looking suspiciously like Ventus with a different palette-swap.

Xemnas clones Sora, making Roxas (who is identical to Ventus). He then clones Sora again, making Xion (who looks like anyone until she settles on looking like a palette-swapped Kairi).

Sora gets cloned later, again, to make Data-Sora.

I don't know who would be what, and I cannot bring myself to look into the confusion that is Xehanort himself/themselves.

There's also the infamous Clone Saga of Spider-Man.

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Sunder the Gold
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Over in the official forumThe Wizard of Oz said:

Shadow of Kings (Twilight) was fed up with his goody-two-shoes (also whiny and bullying) circle. So he ran off to hang out with an ancient Warstrider AI (or possibly she brainwashed him... or maybe both are true).

So the circle didn't come looking for him, he made a clone of himself with his memories, and replaced himself with the clone. The clone had solar powers... for a while, until they stopped working.

However, Shadow of Kings made a mistake, because he kidnapped his Raksha girlfriend, Mao Lei. His own (depowered) clone led the circle to try and track her down and rescue her (still not realising he was a clone).

This led them eventually to find the secret base of an ancient mad AI who'd been kidnapping and replacing people... working with Shadow of Kings. There was a fight, the Clone exalted as a Lunar. Shadow of Kings fled.

Much later, some of the PCs were in an alternate dimension (a leftover practice world the Primordials had made) and met Shadow of Kings there. He said he'd had to flee his own world because his clone was hunting him to eat him. They eventually returned to their world, but they left him there (safe from his clone).

I should say I played both Shadow of Kings and his clone.

vampire hunter D said:

One of my projects I was going to do for quarantine was make 5 versions of the same character. One for each Exalt type. Not clones, more take the same start and change the circumstances of the Exaltation. But I did consider ways to have all 5 versions in the same timeline (wow, we really botched the Loom this time!)

Besides, I still have to work my job so no quarantine free time.

Mockery said:

This actually happened in the game I ran for about four years: the demon-blooded PC had been born in Malfeas, and owing to things done to her there was set, roughly speaking, with an Impossible Fate. The intent behind the working done to her--in the shape of a starry tattoo on her back--was to damage the Loom of Fate.

Unfortunately for most involved, Fate resolved the error by simultaneously letting her fail and succeed in her attempts to flee the Demon City. That "Most" included her--or at least the her stuck behind, unaware that she had, in a very real sense, succeeded.

The Inexorable Ruby Lion who had fled Malfeas was completely unaware of any of this, and went on to become a Zenith caste Solar and disappoint her mother immensely.

Five times, she tried to escape, each time trying to fix what must have gone wrong. Each time she succeeded. Each time she failed. One became a barbarian protector. One a wandering exorcist. One a sailor. And one had cut off her own arm to flee into the ruins of Meru, getting to see the sky of Creation and breathe its air--thin as it was at the top of the world--for a brief time before blood loss and exhaustion took her.

It was only then, maimed and dying from having tried time and time again, that her failure drew an Infernal Exaltation.

Zsofika was so proud of her daughter.
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