New Solar Virtue Flaws

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New Solar Virtue Flaws

Madman’s Zeal

The Solar becomes monomaniacally focused on a single goal or ideal. For the duration of the limit break, they are treated as having a single context appropriate tie, principle, or goal as their only intimacy, which is of defining strength if it was not before. They will act in the interest of that intimacy with extraordinary callousness and ruthlessness, seeing everyone and everything either a tool or obstacle to that end. Utterly ruthless, they will betray allies and murder innocents without a second thought if they believe it will further their goal, justifying it to themselves as efficiency.

Duration: Session. Madman’s Zeal ends prematurely if the Solar’s actions put someone they have a Major or Defining positive intimacy towards in life threatening danger, or if they are persuaded that some of the actions they have taken have actually been counterproductive to their goal.

Vainglorious Sacrifice
The Solar develops an overwhelming desire to sacrifice their own wellbeing for what they believe is the greater good. They are not actively suicidal, but instead compelled to imperil themselves in the name of their goals or ideals. They will subconsciously attempt to seek out or create situations where their life is in danger so they can heroically put themselves at risk. Unlike the Compassionate Martyrdom virtue flaw, Solars under the sway of Vainglorious Sacrifice are so consumed with their martyr fantasy that they may ignore the wellbeing of others so their own sacrifice has the spotlight.

Duration: Session. Vainglorious Sacrifice ends prematurely if the Solar is confronted with overwhelming evidence that their martyrdom is unnecessary, or if they are persuaded by another character that they have no reason to sacrifice themselves.

Sullen Brooding
Overwhelmed by stress, the Solar ceases what they are doing and enters a period of sulking, festering in their resentment towards others. If they are in a dangerous situation, they will attempt to leave so they can brood, otherwise they begin sulking where they are. Insults both real and imagined consume their thoughts. They wallow in bitterness and spite, refusing to interact with the rest of the world save for passive-aggressive jibes or cutting verbal insults when confronted by others.

Duration: Scene. Sullen Brooding ends prematurely if the Solar is attacked or if someone whom the Solar has a major or defining tie to is incapacitated.

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