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A write-up of some elementals my players encountered last week.

Forest Wisp
    Small and non-combative, Forest Wisps are gentle and curious spirits akin to young children, always interested in enjoying playing with other wisps in hide and seek, dancing among the trees. Never one for conflict, they are more likely to flee and hide then actively engage with an opponent. Forest Wisps can be both male and female, but there is no physical difference in their forms.

    Forest Wisps are small, roughly three feet tall, and humanoid in form. Covered in fur that ranges from white to brown to grey. They have a mane of thicker fur around their neck, and are propelled through the air by small, bat-like wings on their back and have a thin, wiry antenna that extends from their forehead and ends in a red ball of fur.

    While interested in mortals and not adverse to them, their skittish, scared nature makes them unwilling to engage with them, and they will often put mortals into a harmless sleep and then flee from them if humans wander too close. However, they are also excellent brewers of alcohol, so brave humans often travel into their lands to bargain for the juice.

Essence: 2; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: 12 dice
Personal Motes: 30
Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 4 dice (may attempt Strength 2 feats); Fly: 12 dice; Lore: 6 dice; Occult: 8 dice; Read Intentions: 6 dice; Senses: 8 dice; Social Influence: 9 dice; Hiding: 14 dice, Dancing: 10 dice

Appearance 5, Resolve 2, Guile 4

Attack (Tiny fists): 6 dice (Damage 8, minimum 1)
Combat Movement: 10 dice
Evasion 6, Parry 1
Soak/Hardness: 4/0


Forest Sneak; The Forest Wisp doubles 8s on any stealth roll while in forested areas

Keen Nose; The Forest Wisp doubles 9s on rolls to smell trouble

Flighty Nature; The Forest Wisp suffers no Initiative loss for Disengage, Withdraw, or Go to Ground Actions.

Timid Emotions; A Forest Wisp must spend 1 Willpower when rolling Join Battle. Doing so adds 3 successes to their Join Battle Roll. This bonus only applies if they intend to flee from battle, but they must always pay a Willpower.


In the Wind; 6m, Reflexive, Instant. The Forest Wisp may take a Disengage, Withdraw, or Go to Ground action on their turn regardless of circumstances; even if they are right next to an opponent, they may activate this charm to dash into undergrowth, fly into the branches, and similar. In doing so, the Wisp turns all 1s in the opponent’s roll to contest into successes on it’s own roll.

Dancing in Shadows; 8m, 1wp, Simple, One Day. The Forest Wisp weaves magic on either themselves or an individual, cloaking them. The target becomes Invisible, applying a 3 success penalty to all attempts to spot them until the effect ends. The Forest Wisp controls the effect of this charm; it may only make one part of a person invisible, or it may make them but not their clothes invisible, at its discretion. This is useful for when they play pranks. They may extend the duration of this effect to Indefinite by committing the point of Willpower.

The Kingsguard

     Special Forest Wisps may forgo their pacifistic, jittery nature. These individuals wield mighty weapons made of steel and iron and wood, as large as they are, and they defend the King of the Wisps and their other members in their tribes, becoming courageous, defiant fighters who stand up against others without terror.

     Being a member of the Kingsguard is not necessarily a choice made by a Wisp, but rather a role that must be filled. If a member of the Kingsguard dies or forgoes being a member, another will inevitably take up their weapon and replace them in the tribe as a guardian. In this way, the members of the Kingsguard may rotate, but their powers stay the same.

Essence: 4; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 14 dice
Personal Motes: 90
Health Levels: -0/-1x2/-2x2/-4/Incap.
Actions: Feats of Strength: 9 dice (may attempt Strength 4 feats); Fly: 12 dice; Lore: 6 dice; Occult: 8 dice; Read Intentions: 6 dice; Senses: 8 dice; Social Influence: 9 dice; Hiding: 9 dice, Dancing: 10 dice

Appearance 5, Resolve 5, Guile 2

Attack (Guard’s Weapon): 13 dice (Damage 14, minimum 4)
Combat Movement: 12 dice
Evasion 5, Parry 5
Soak/Hardness: 8/5


Strength In Numbers; The Kingsguard fight for other Wisps, and fight stronger when protecting each other. For each other Wisp in a fight, a Kingsguard may pay 1 mote to add +1 to their attacks’ Accuracy, +1 to their Soak, and/or +1/2 to their Defense and Damage.

Stance of Fellows; The Kingsguard tend to bundle up when engaging in combat. Each member of the Kingsguard fits into one of three branches; Defenders, Attackers, and Supporters. Kingsguard of the same type, rather than joining battle separately, pile together when fighting, adding a single -0 to their health levels for each member in defense. The ‘active’ member rotates when the group is crashed, decisive damage is done to them, or at the start of their turns

King’s Weapon; The weapons of the Kingsguard are imbued with magical properties. Each Guard has a special effect that is applied when they’re the active member of their group.

King’s Technique; Each member of the Kingsguard has knowledge of a singular, mystical combat technique that they can use. This effect is the equivalent of a Solar level charm, a powerful weapon that can only be used once per scene

A handful of example Kingsguards:

  • Whiskerwall: Armed with a sword and shield, Whiskerwall grants all allies +3 to their Defense while they are active. Their King’s Technique is Blazing Solar Bolt
  • Ruffletuft: Armed with a battle axe, when an opponent attacks someone who is not Ruffletuft while they are active takes 5 dice of Withering damage. Their King’s Technique is Hungry Tiger Technique
  • Shinysword: Armed with a giant sword, Shinysword may instantly withering attack any opponent who targets an ally of theirs with an attack, once per round. Their King’s Technique is Incarnated Fury Attack
  • Rattlesmasher: Armed with a hammer, enemies can not Disengage from Rattlesmasher, and any attacks targeting their allies take a 5 dice damage penalty. Their King’s Technique is Heaven Thunder Hammer, used through the hammer

  • Woolywart; Armed with a bow and arrow, Woolywart poisons enemies with snake venom on each attack. Their King’s Technique is Rain of Feathered Death
  • Hatburner; Able to throw fireballs and cast spells, Hatburner is a witch of great power. They know Sorcery, including Death of Obsidian Butterflies, Flight of the Brilliant Raptor, Mists of Eventide, and Infallible Messenger.
  • Tailturner; Armed with two knives, Tailturner ignores the armored soak of opponents who have lower Initiative than they do. Their King’s Technique is Steel Storm Descending used through their knives
  • Skullbreaker; Armed with tiny boxing gloves on their fists, Skullbreaker can attack twice if they successfully hit an opponent. Their King’s Technique is Solar Spike, used through the paws.

  • Furryfoot; Wielding a magical staff, Furryfoot tends to their ally’s injuries. While they are active, all allies gain 3 Initiative at the start of their turn. Their King’s Technique is Anointment of Miraculous Health, which is restored whenever the Supporters crash an opponent
  • Shaggysong; Playing around on the harp, Shaggysong helps their allies avoid slings and arrows. When someone attacks one of Shaggysong’s allies with a melee attack, they respond by making a Withdraw action. If the Withdraw action succeeds, the attack is negated. Their King’s Technique is Battle Anthem of the Solar Exalted
  • Vinewhisper; Summoning the wrath of nature through their spear, Vinewhisper locks down foes; Opponents take Onslaught before the attack roll of Vinewhisper’s allies. Their King’s Technique is Red-Toothed Execution Order, used on other Wisps
  • Runemaker: Knowledgeable about the ancient runes of magic, Runemaker grants all allies +2 to their attacks and +1 to their damage while they are active. Their King’s Technique is Wake the Sleeper, which may be used on others but also resets all active ally’s King’s Techniques.

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These little assholes hit hard!
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I am ashamed at how long it took me to clue in on what these were. Perhaps in the game you could train them to deliver mail? :)
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