Tall as Tall can be (Paul Bunyan and Spriggans)

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There are a number of ridiculous details about Fate/Grand Order's interpretation of Paul Bunyan that we don't need to get into here. I'd like to focus on her size. (Yes, "her". It's Fate.)

Drawing from her legend, Paul Bunyan is a giant of vague and indeterminate size. Out under the open sky, she can stand tall enough for her head to reach the clouds, and she can crush a whole moose underfoot with a single stomp. But she can freely enter any space with an effective ceiling, automatically and involuntarily shrinking to accommodate, though (if I read things right) she always remains too big to stand up straight until she's forced to assume a minimum height of three meters tall. Her shrinking and growing is so surreal that even when you're watching her do it, it's like your mind playing tricks on you.

In Exalted mechanic terms, she enjoys the benefits of Legendary Size as long as she has enough vertical space to be a giant, but she can be denied those benefits by being confined.

This seems like an excellent power for raksha to learn, and for inherent abilities for some species of Wyld Creatures (perhaps called Spriggans) and spirits.

For demons, does this seem within the range of Second Circle Demons, or only for Third Circles?

What level of elementals or gods might behave like this?

Would you try to achieve this kind of situation power through sorcery or artifice? If so, how?

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Rise from your grave, etc. This is something I've dabbled in Exalted-wise before, although I think the newer Divine Heritage merit from Heirs of the Shogunate gives a pretty good template for how to handle this within the rules. (Writing a specific charm for it might be a little trickier, but the Lunar Legendary Size charm at least gives an idea.)
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