Seven Feather Boots

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Hey, y'all, the Lunar PC in my weekly gaming group decided to make my PC, the Knight Raiton, a pair of magic shoes. Observing that he used his cloak for gliding, she wanted to give him a little something to help him gain verticality at a moment's notice, and maybe some other movement stuff on top of that. I worked out a few Evocations, with the capstone inspired by folk tales of seven-league boots, but I feel maybe it could stand some more Evocations, so I figured I'd go ahead and post what I have here and get your feedback. :)

Seven Feather Boots (Blue Jade Artifact 3)
​It is said that the Lunar named Lyse of the Loom and Grindstone once spent an entire season making feathers out of blue jade taken from a Solar's tomb. These were set into a pair of sturdy boots, which she then plated with feathersteel, hiding her handiwork. Deceptively-light even compared to mortal footwear, the shoes extend the feathers when the wearer uses an Evocation of the Seven Feather Boots, catching air and extending the wearer's jumps. They cost three motes to attune.
Evocations of Seven Feather BootsAn attuned wearer of the Seven Feather Boots gains their preternatural lightness - even if she lacks the Charm Graceful Crane Stance, she may stand or run on surfaces that would not support her weight normally. If she does have the Charm, she may activate it for free, and leaves no footprints when doing so. Rolls to track her add +2 Difficulty.

 Falling Feather Descent
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Soaring Crane Leap, Wind-Dancing Method, or the Air Aspect anima power
No matter how far it falls, the feather is not harmed. An Exalt with this Evocation may use its prerequisite to slow her movement from knockback effects such as Heaven Thunder Hammer, reducing the damage if she impacts a hard surface accordingly.
Raiton's Sudden Ascent
Cost: (+1wp); Mins: Essence 2
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Resonant, Dissonant
Duration: Permanent
​Prerequisites: Falling Feather Descent
​Focusing on a joyous thought to accompany her upward, the Exalt finds her spirit lightened further. When using a Charm such as Monkey Leap Technique, Soaring Zephyr Flight, or Impala Leaping Approach, the vertical height to which she may ascend in her jump may be increased by one range band by spending a Willpower.
Resonant: If the Exalt lands from her enhanced leap without taking damage, she regains the spent Willpower.
Dissonant: This Evocation may not be used if the Exalt possesses no positive Intimacies.
Seven League Step
Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3
Type: Simple
​Keywords: Resonant
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Raiton's Sudden Ascent
Focusing intently on a place she can see, the Exalt takes a step, and is there; she may cross as many as (Essence x7) miles via her movement action this turn, provided she can see her destination. This Evocation may only be used once per day.
​Resonant: Seven League Step may be reset by returning to the location from which the Exalt used this Evocation.


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