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On the whole, Exalted Brawl's strategy forsakes defense for aggression, because it doesn't offer the safety of range and does not rely on holding a tool for parrying.

But Solar Brawl has such defensive Charms as "Iron Battle Focus", "Wind-and-Stones Defense", and "Reckless Fury Discard" which offer a little bit of self-protection while never really offering as much safety as Solar Melee.

At present, these tricks have no counterpart in Terrestrial Brawl, but they seem to fit the elusive nature of Air, especially when constrained to bring them down to the Terrestrial level.

What we get looks like Bagua "Circle-Walking" and "Body-Sticking" techniques, as seen with Aang, from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang responds to an enemy charging at him by assuming a completely defensive, reactive posture, dodging out of the way of the first attack, and then flowing around his attacker's movements. Aang can either attempt to attack directly, trip his opponent to the ground or allow them to throw themselves there with a missed attack, or maneuver directly behind his opponent where they cannot strike him and might even lose sight of him.

What distinguishes these Charms from Dodge Charms is the role that the Dragonblood's hands play, as he uses his hands and arms to touch and stick to his opponent, to better read and respond to the aggressor's actions as they begin. It's almost like grappling, but without actually clinching or restraining the target.

Floating Butterfly Understanding - Finding peace amidst violence, the Prince of the Earth floats away from aggression like a leaf catching the wind. (similar to Solar "Reckless Fury Discard")
Cost: 3m; Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Perilous, Air
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Blade-Deflecting Palm
This Charm can be activated in response to an attack from an opponent who has entered close range with the Exalt this round. The Exalt raises her Parry or Evasion by a number equal to the 1s in the attack roll, to a limit of the Exalt's permanent Essence.
In Air Aura, this Charm can be used in response to any close-range attack.

Note: This Charm fills a hole left by the anti-projectile Air Anima power and "Elusive Crosswind Defense", by giving Air Aspects a tool to deal with close range attacks, though it only works against close range attacks, and then only under additional conditions. Perhaps it should even require the Dragonblood to use a Full Defense action.

Dancing in the Vortex - As the leaf lets the tornado lead the dance, so does the Prince of the Earth allow her opponent the honor of guiding her steps in battle.
Cost: 3m; Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 2; Type: Simple / Supplemental / Reflexive?
Keywords: Perilous, Air, Aura
Duration: One Round / Indefinite?
Prerequisite Charms: Floating Butterfly Understanding

This is the pseudo-grapple, where the Dragonblood lays hands on her opponent to feel his movements as they begin.

No gambit, no control roll, but the Exalt can only use this Charm against an opponent who failed to beat her parry or evasion since her previous turn, or against any opponent she could have targeted with an unexpected attack, or against any opponent of her choosing when exiting concealment.

This Charm requires an Air Aura to use, since it assumes she used Floating Butterfly Understanding beforehand, or Air Dragon's Sight, or that she snuck into position with Air-aspected stealthy Charms.

Her chosen opponent suffers a -1 penalty to all attacks against her, and a -3 penalty for attacking her with any two-handed weapon because of how deeply she stands within his personal space and how easily she can predict his actions.

If she loses her Air Aura, or becomes unable to move freely enough according to the storyteller's judgment (she clinches, is clinched, is knocked prone, is partially frozen, deals with sufficiently difficult terrain), the Charm ends.

Being Perilous, the Charm also ends if her Initiative crashes, like a conventional clinch.

Finally, the opponent can break free of the Charm by moving out of close range with the Dragonblood, which she can allow. Forcing an opponent to Disengage for you is definitely one way to avoid breaking an Air Aura rather than resorting to out-of-aspect disengaging Dodge Charms.

Next would be a Charm for pseudo-throwing someone to the ground with Dancing in the Vortex when they fail to overcome your parry or evasion. The most basic idea is simply to knock them prone, which allows an Air Aspect freedom to escape to the safety of distance, but the throw might also inflict damage based on how badly the attacker failed to manage their own force.

Then there could be a Charm that sort of works like Solar Athletics' "Foe-Vaulting Method", which also builds off of "Dancing in the Vortex" and which might likewise allow for an unexpected attack with any Ability. Else it allows the Dragon-Blood to enter concealment entirely, giving her the option to launch a surprise attack or retreat while hidden from sight.

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