Ex3 Soak Overhaul and Solar Resistance rework

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How soak works in Ex3 has bothered me so I decided to give it an overhaul. Soak now allows people to have a significant amount of damage reduction that is geared towards conserving your resources but does so in a way that no longer bogs down the game into 20 turn crawls through the mud where tears of joy are wept if you gain more than 2 initiative on a single attack. Likewise, the rules should be simple enough that you won’t need to rewrite 95% of currently written material (So soak charms from NPCs, other exalts, Martial Arts, sorcery, and all that other jazz should neatly co-exist with this without much issue). It’s overall far less drastic to some of the other fixes I’ve seen, and I feel it’s the best I can do without making Ex4 or rewriting vast swaths of NPCs or other bits of the system.

Solar Resistance has also been bothering me as well. It suffers from a lack of clarity on its charms, charms that are too effective and bog down gameplay, and some charms that are just don’t impress me. I think each charm a person purchases should be both entertaining to use in-game and serve a useful purpose or niche. Charms that were broken (EX: Essence Gathering Temper) have been nerfed and a small smattering of new Resistance charms. The old Resistance tree worked, but it felt like a rattling bumpy car to me. Hopefully, this new version should be much smoother.

But enough rambling here's what you came for.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cmc ... sp=sharing

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