Solar Stealth Revamp

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The Stealth revamp is here. ... febtQ/edit#

Stealth presented its own little challenges. Outside of a few egregious dice tricks that made things get way too out of hand, it wasn’t in bad of a shape as others. What it really lacked however was clear codification. Since 2e there were many questions popping up about stealth due to how unclear things were. Part of this rewrite touches on the base system of Stealth, going over in detail what actions people can do, reduces the binary you see them/you don’t see them of stealth, penalties to awareness/stealth rolls, and when even to roll Stealth. All of these things are now made clear and up front. I’ve also included a new action for Stealth: Stalk. It allows one to gather initiative against unaware opponents while in stealth. All core changes to stealth are also backwards compatible with currently written material.

Charms were given a facelift, the result should be both streamlined and much less swingy. A few of the Thrown charms that dealt with stealth are now properly rolled into the ability, and there are several new charms to help one become the ninja they truly are. I’ve also included a charm tree diagram of the new stealth tree.

I have to say the math on this gave me a lot of trouble. If you break down the math Lunars have regarding stealth, then it is kind of crazy. This rewrite should place Solar’s within the same mathematical ballpark, but at the same time being within the realm of reason (unlike the RAW Solar stealth charms).

Anywho, enough rambling. Enjoy!

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