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I am getting a Kill-la-kill vibe here.
I play the video games.
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@Hamsandlich , I might be in the minority wanting this, but would you be able to pull all of your one-picture pots into one thread? Like "Hamsandlich's art"? I would much rather keep track of one thread by you over time, instead of 20+. (This is a personal request only, I have no authority here :D )

EDIT: Huh. I see you *HAVE* an art thread ....... so ignore the above! :D
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One thread would be a little neater, but the board is new and I'm happy to let people post how they want to for now. Definitely taking a view that all posts are good posts. But in future if we end up with a lot of threads there might be the potential for merging some stuff together quietly. That would definitely be a good problem to have however. Thanks for sharing as always Ham
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