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Exalted Essence Mechanics
Closing Date - 24th September 2021
Top Prize - $20 Amazon or Drivethru RPG credit

It's time for another set of board contests to try and encourage people to post what they're working on! We want to try and celebrate the recent launch of Exalted Essence too and tap into some of the creative energy there, so this contest is for any homebrew people have devised for ExEss. From charms and artifacts to Exigent powers and beyond, if it's got juicy crunchy bits and is for Ess then it counts. The only exclusions are artifact swords. Why? They're getting a contest all to themselves!

We'll be judging things based on our idea of balance, but also on whether the ideas and execution of them is cool. We're also going to try and avoid weighting things based simply on length, so if anything gets submitted thats exceptionally long or well developed we'll try and break it down into chunks for our deliberations, just to give everyone a fair shot.

The only rule is that it has to be work you've made or own yourself. You're free to enter as many times as you like and share as many mechanics as you want.

After the last contest we were disappointed that so much stuff was being shared on the boards but not submitted on the contest threads, so we're going to try things a little differently this time. Any Essence mechanics posted on the revlevant homebrew board up until the closing date will be eligible and we'll comb through the threads there for a winner. It's as simple as that, just post it! Although if you want to draw attention to it or make it clear that you're submitting something specifically as an entry, cross posting a link here is totally welcomed.

The contest closes on 24th September 2021 and at that point the site mods and admins will take a look and pick a shortlist of 5 eligible posts we think deserve shouting out, as well as any honourable mentions, along with an overall winner.

Entering the contest gives us no rights to your work, it's still yours to do what you want with. We just ask that if you win you try and make sure it stays accessible to people in one form or another in future.
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Spider Style, a bow-based martial art for sitting at the center of your web, letting off carefully place and timed shots

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Sculptor of Cenotaphs, a White Jade Daiklave which turns people it kills into statues
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Empty Blade Style; a style preferring the sword or unarmed fighting, whose natureless nature allows it to draw the elements into a practitioner's attacks, allowing it to benefit greatly from wise choices of battlefield.
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I'm not sure if this contest covers NPCs, but I did a write up a while ago for Erembour.
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The Hadean Exalted, a joint project by several Deathlords intended to give them more agents in Creation.
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We are closing the contest and will review the entries over the next week.
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