We're aiming to run regular fanwork creation contests here on Sword of Creation. Here you'll find a summary of any active contests and links to take you to submit your entry!

You can submit any content you own, even if you've used it for another contest previously, as long as it fits the current contest. The aim is to encourage people to upload and share their work so we're not going to penalise you for doing so. The only restriction is that if your piece has managed to win previously it's not eligible to be entered again.

To enter a submission just make sure it's present somewhere on the site in it's appropriate forum, then post a link to your thread or post in the contest thread. Simple.

CONTEST - The Sorcerous Sword Index

Set by our admin Flare we're looking for all shapes, varieites and sizes of artifact swords for both Exalted 3rd Edition and Exalted Essence. Aiming to create a collection of fan made swords we want your submissions for any that have cool ideas or interesting evocations, with prizes being given out for the winners in both categories.

Closing date: 10 Sept 2021
Prize: 2x $10 credit for Amazon or DrivethruRPG

CONTEST - Exalted Essence Mechanics

With the Exalted Essence kickstarter now finished and the fanbase having had a chance to get to grips with things we want to celebrate the new book by encouraging people to share their homebrew ExEss mechanics. Everything from exigent rules to charms and artifacts are welcome, just post them on the forum and add to the amount of work an ideas being shared

Closing date: 10th Sept 2021
Prize: $20 credit for Amazon or DrivethruRPG

CONTEST - Art - Less Common Exalt Types

Exalted Essence launching has made it easier than ever to branch out and play characters beyond the regular celestials and dragon blooded. We want to see art of anything that's new or not got quite as much love in the past with character art for Exigents, Liminals, Getimians and Alchemicals all sought after for our latest art competition

Closing date: 10th Sept 2021
Prize: $20 credit for Amazon or DrivethruRPG