We've not made any of this stuff ourselves but Sword of Creation aims to be a platform for showcasing fan created content. There's so much being made right now that's worth watching or listening to so we really hope collecting some of it here makes it easier to find

I'm not 100% happy with how things are presented here so it might change format at some point if I work out how to make it and it's contents more visible. For now we're splitting this up between Actual Play's and more discussion, review or conversation type content. If you know of something you think fits here and we're not covering it let me know and I'll make sure it's added. Likewise if your stuff is here and it's missing links, you want it changed or even removed, tell me and I'll get on it. And finally if you click a View Thread button and it just leads to the generic media discussion it's probably because there's no dedicated thread for that project yet, consider making one! - andrix